At Bofill Mir Abogados we have built a multidisciplinary firm backed by our experience of more than 30 years of professional practice and the work of a team of specialized lawyers with training based in excellence.

Our delivery of comprehensive legal services in the different areas of law is combined with our international experience, knowledge of the different industries and business perspective. The trust and permanence of our clients - local and international, public and private companies - and the recognition by the main legal rankings of the world, are a clear proof of our professionalism.

In this new stage, with a renewed outlook, we continue advising our clients to navigate increasingly demanding markets and regulatory environments, while moving forward at the pace of the new dynamics of the legal industry.

International experience

Our regular involvement in international advice is supported by our extensive experience with international clients, as well as our relationships with some of the leading law firms in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia. In addition, several of our members have been part of international exchange programs and secondments in international firms and companies.

In addition, a representative sample of our team - trained at the most prestigious universities in the country - has studied at some of the most important law schools in the United States and Europe, mainly.

Pro Bono

We are members of the Pro Bono Foundation and, through it, we adhere to the "Declaration of Pro Bono Work for the Americas". With this, we commit to contribute 20 hours of pro bono work per year per lawyer to bring justice to those who need it most. We have regularly received recognition from Latin Lawyer and The Vance Center, "Pro Bono Leading Lights" - which highlights firms that contribute to the strengthening of the pro bono culture in the country -; and, in 2020, we were recognized as "Pro Bono Firm of the Year - 2019" by the Pro Bono Foundation.