BM Talent: This is our commitment with you career.

The pursuit and retention of talent inspires and challenges us. 

What steps do we take to attain these goals most effectively? 

Here are some of the highlights of Bofill Mir Abogados’ Training mark.

International Exchanges

We believe in the talent of our lawyers, and our commitment is to nurture their potential and take them to the next level. This is why we offer a distinctive international exchange program – primarily aimed at early-career lawyers, which aims to facilitate both professional and cultural exchange. As our lawyers acquire new skills, we acknowledge their dedication, and together, we open doors for professionals from other countries to live this experience in the offices of Bofill Mir Abogados.

Student Internships: We want to meet you

Times are evolving, and so are our approaches to work. In 2022, we took the opportunity to reevaluate our internships to provide a truly immersive 360° experience. Our program features cross-disciplinary involvement, workshops, training sessions, networking opportunities and much more. We promote diversity in terms of university backgrounds, interests, and experiences, ensuring that your time here goes beyond a mere professional stint.

What is most important to us? Getting to understand the aspirations and concerns of future lawyers – we look forward to meeting you!

Mesa de trabajo
Mesa de trabajo

Enjoy every stage of your career

We want you to make the most of and truly enjoy every phase of your career. In addition to our commitment to involving you in challenging work from day one and providing opportunities for multidisciplinary training, our most experienced members are dedicated to guiding and sharing their career experience and knowledge with the younger generation.

Leadership Across All Levels

When it comes to leadership, we are permanently dedicated to building an increasingly horizontal model. This approach enables us to foster integration and a sense of belonging within Bofill Mir Abogados. We are making strides in this endeavor by engaging our team right from day one, with robust backing and participation from our partners and leaders of our different practices. Our ultimate aim is to empower our lawyers to cultivate their professional and leadership skills right from the outset of their careers.

Mesa de trabajo
Mesa de trabajo

To train and to be trained

To train: We are deeply committed to advancing the legal field in all its facets. This is why we highly value the active involvement of one-third of our lawyers in academic pursuits, including roles as internship tutors and mentors in mentorship programs. We provide all opportunities and support for you to study and specialize.

To be trained: We actively encourage and support our lawyers in their pursuit of advanced knowledge through postgraduate programs, both within Chile and abroad. For those who have already completed their studies, we support them in all aspects of their further development. We recognize that the legal environment is constantly evolving, and that is why we invest in the intellectual growth of our team.