Our Compliance division is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to clients across a range of industries as they navigate the challenges associated with regulatory and ethical compliance within their organizations. This arises in response to the constant evolution of regulations pertaining to corporate criminal liability, anti-corruption measures, and corporate governance, all of which elevate the standards regarding commitments to integrity, transparency, corporate responsibility, and effective risk management.

In pursuit of this mission, our primary aim is to gain a thorough understanding of our clients' businesses. This endeavor allows us to precisely delineate the applicable regulatory framework, the organizational structure, extant policies, procedures, and internal controls, the inherent risks associated with their operations, and the optimal pathways to enhance internal processes and operational efficiency.

Specifically, our array of services encompasses assistance with the revision and implementation of Crime Prevention Models, the development of corporate policies, comprehensive training initiatives on corporate criminal liability and anti-corruption, the formulation of codes of ethics and prevention manuals, the establishment of robust reporting channels, and the crafting of rigorous investigative procedures, among other tailored solutions.